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黑麥滋 Karamalz

好營養的 黑麥滋; Nutritious non-alcoholic beverage, Cheers! Karamalz

姜汁豪油G卷 Soy roll in ginger and vegan oyster sauce

惹味的素卷! Soy rolls in unforgetable special taste! ginger sauce G

豆製品在女性肺癌患者提高生存率 Soy Products Improve Survival in Women with Lung Cancer




根據一份新發表在臨床腫瘤學雜誌的研究,豆製品可以提高肺癌患者的存活率。在上海婦女健康研究中,有444名婦女是被診斷為肺癌的。研究人員研究了她們在癌症診斷之前和之後的飲食。相比吃最少量的,吃豆製品多的削減了幾乎一半死亡風險。 以前的研究已有證明,豆製品可以降低患肺癌的風險。亦能減少患上乳腺癌和前列腺癌的機會。 Yang G, Shu XO, Li HL, et al. Prediagnosis Soy Food Consumption and Lung Cancer Survival in Women. J Clin Oncol. Published online on March 25, 2013. Yang G, Shu XO, Chow WH, et al. Soy food intake and risk of lung cancer: evidence from the Shanghai Women's Health Study and a meta-analysis. Am J Epidemiol. 2012;176:846-855.  原文按此 Original article here

Soy Products Improve Survival in Women with Lung Cancer

March 27, 2013
  Soy products can improve survival from lung cancer, according to a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. In the Shanghai Women’s Health Study, 444 women were diagnosed with lung cancer. Researchers examined the women’s diets before and after their cancer diagnosis. Those who ate the most soy products cut their risk of dying by nearly half, compared with women who ate the least amount of soy. Previous studies have shown that soy products reduce the risk of developing lung cancer, and have a similar ability to reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer.

浪漫下午茶 Romantic afternoon

    Romantic afternoon2

浪漫下午在愛家 Romantic afternoon in Loving Hut

過一個浪漫的假期!   Have a romantic holiday! music event 0329b

熱鬧烹飪班 Lively cooking class

  美味的生機素芒果青檸糕   Delicious raw Mango lime cake! Mango cake cooking class

悠樂湯河 Aulac Noodle in soup

  特色美味的越南湯河! Delicious and special Vietnamese soup noodle Aulac noodle in soup

黑椒素扒飯 Vegan cutlet in black pepper sauce

香口的黑椒素扒! Delicious black pepper cutlet! Vegan cutlet black pepper sauce

高脂肪的乳製品食用量與死亡率有關 High-Fat Dairy Intake Linked to Mortality




根據美國國家癌症研究所一項新的研究,在追查12年頭後發現,相比那些食用最少的來說,食用高脂肪乳製品的婦女有較大的死亡機會。在癌症治療後的生活流行病研究里 (Life After Cancer Epidemiology Study),研究人員追隨1893名曾接受治療的早期乳腺癌婦女。他們發現,每天飲食一份以上高脂肪乳製品的,比飲用少於半份的相比,死亡風險增加了64%,而死於乳腺癌的風險就增加44%。受監測的乳製品包括牛奶,奶酪(芝士),乳製甜點,和酸奶。 Kroenke CH, Kwan ML, Sweeney C, Castillo A, Caan BJ. High- and low-fat dairy intake, recurrence, and mortatlity after breast cancer diagnosis. J Natl Cancer Inst. Published online March 14, 2013. 原文在此 original article here breastcancerawareness1  

High-Fat Dairy Intake Linked to Mortality

March 18, 2013

Women who consumed the most high-fat dairy products were more likely to die during a 12-year follow-up, compared with those who consumed the least, according to a new study published by the National Cancer Institute. Researchers followed 1,893 women who had previously been treated for early-stage breast cancer as part of the Life After Cancer Epidemiology Study. They found that the participants who consumed one or more servings of high-fat dairy products per day, compared with none to less than half a serving, were at a 64 percent increased risk for dying and 44 percent increased risk for dying from breast cancer. Dairy products monitored included cow’s milk, cheese, dairy-based desserts, and yogurt.

梅德韋傑夫吃素了 Dmitry Medvedev eat vegetarian!

  日前俄羅斯總理梅德韋傑夫在自己的推特寫到:“我決定吃素了”,隨後酷愛瑜伽的總理向記者確認他是認真的並補充,“目前,素食已成為分辨新一代政治家的標誌”。另外,克里姆林宮首席大廚也表示,素食和健康飲食已經是俄羅斯白宮的潮流,包括文化部部長在內許多政治家都吃素了。 Dmitry Medvedev