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素叉燒 Vegan BBQ protein

  精緻美味的素叉燒! Tender and delicious BBQ protein! BBQ

香蔥玉絲炆烏冬 Fragant Udon

  香氣美味的烏冬 ! Fragant and delicious udon! UDON

給家畜餵食抗生素會產生超級細菌 Giving livestock antibiotics breeds Superbugs

  NY Times美國食品與藥品管理局(Food and Drug Administration,簡稱FDA)前任局長 DAVID A. KESSLER在紐約時報撰寫文章"Antibiotics and the Meat We Eat", 指出畜牧業使用抗生素情況嚴重: - FDA 的研究人員對國內各大超市出售的肉類和家禽產品進行全面監測,以了解對抗生素有耐藥性的致病細菌的情況...結果顯示,情況越來越糟。 - 這是一個重大的公共衛生問題,因為給健康的家畜餵食這些藥品會產生超級細菌,而這些細菌能夠傳染給人類。我們需要更多地了解肉類及家畜食品生產過程中抗生素的使用情況,結果可能事關生死。 - 2011年,製藥商出售了將近3000萬磅用於家畜的抗生素,創下歷史最高紀錄。此類抗生素在2011年上報的抗生素總銷售量中佔據了大約80%,剩下的是用於人類醫療保健的抗生素。這些藥物不是用於治癒患病動物,而是通常被以低劑量餵給幼畜,以使其快速生長... - 我們有太多科學證據證明,應該控制對家畜濫用抗生素的行為。但食品和藥品行業不僅反對旨在減少此類行為的提案,他們還對數據的收集表示反對。... 原文英文按此 原文中文按此 pig farms     David A. Kessler, commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) from 1990 to 1997, wrote an article "Antibiotics and the Meat We Eat" in New York Times to alarm the seriousness of using antibiotics in livestock: - SCIENTISTS at the Food and Drug Administration systematically monitor the meat and poultry sold in supermarkets around the country for the presence of disease-causing bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. ...And they’re telling us it’s getting worse. - This is a major public health problem, because giving healthy livestock these drugs breeds superbugs that can infect people. We need to know more about the use of antibiotics in the production of our meat and poultry. The results could be a matter of life and death. -In 2011, drugmakers sold nearly 30 million pounds of antibiotics for livestock — the largest amount yet recorded and about 80 percent of all reported antibiotic sales that year. The rest was for human health care. We don’t know much more except that, rather than healing sick animals, these drugs are often fed to animals at low levels to make them grow faster... - We have more than enough scientific evidence to justify curbing the rampant use of antibiotics for livestock, yet the food and drug industries are not only fighting proposed legislation to reduce these practices... original article here

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