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九月輕歌妙韻 Musical event for September

    music event for Sep 2013

漂亮素糕 Beautiful Vegan Creamcake

  美麗素糕、無蛋無奶;Beautiful Vegan Cream Cake! mango creamcake

西蘭花黑椒扒 Veg steak and broccoli in black pepper sauce

  美味的西蘭花黑椒扒! Delicious Veg steak and broccoli in black pepper sauce! black pepper

西方飲食方式是不可持續的! Western Diet Unsustainable for Planet!

  在這星球,西方飲食方式是不可持續的 2013年8月12日 sustainable diet根據一項由明尼蘇達大學環境研究所做的新報告,人類若食用更多動物產品,就不大可能養活將來的子孫。從全球範圍來看,在2030年,肉類和乳製品的消費將分別增加68%和57%。這個對動物產品的需求增加,原因不僅來自人口增長,還有世界人口的日益富裕,因而從穀物為主的飲食,改變為以動物為主的飲食(肉類,乳製品和蛋)。 對比植物性食物為主的飲食,動物產品的生產需要更多的土地和資源。現時全球所有農業用地的75%是用於生產畜牧的。食用更多的動物產品將對環境、未來的糧食供應及世界衛生帶來負面影響。 此外,食用更多的動物產品會增加心臟病,糖尿病和癌症的機會。 原文在此     Western Diet Unsustainable for Planet August 12, 2013 The more animal products people consume, the less likely we are to feed future generations, according to a new study from the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment. Globally, meat and dairy consumption is expected to increase by 68 and 57 percent, respectively, by 2030. Increased demand for animal products stems not only from population growth, but from increasing affluence among the world’s population, which has shifted from grain-based diets to animal-based diets (meat, dairy products, and eggs). Production of animal products requires more land and resources than plant-based foods, and now 75 percent of all agricultural land is used for animal production. The negative consequences of consuming more animal products affect the environment and future food availability, as well as world health. Greater animal product consumption is associated with increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Cassidy ES, West PC, Gerber JS, Foley JA. Redefining agricultural yields: from tonnes to people nourished per hectare. Environ Res Lett. 2013;8:1-8. original article here

也門千萬人掙扎求存! Struggling to eat in Yemen!

Yemen hunger


                        聯合國環境規劃處(UNEP) 在"環境性的食物危機" (Environmental Food Crisis 2009) 中問:用作飼養動物的穀物可以供多少人吃?答案是35億人! 所以,全世界第三世界國家的兒童捱餓是因為他們所住地往往是種植穀物給富裕國家的動物作飼料。...諷刺的是這些肉食在富裕地區造成種種疾病!

one child died every 10 seconds!

倘若停掉了工廠式飼養動物,然後用那些土地去種植穀物給我們人類,全世界的每一個人都會有足夠食物! 吃素是一個解決方案,每個人都可以幫忙! 純素生活,創造和平 參考資料, Reference material: 1. IRIN 2. UNEP 3. VIVA       Yemen has one of the world‘s highest rates of chronic malnutrition, second only to Afghanistan. Nearly half the country’s population - around 10.5 million - do not have enough to eat. UNEP asked in the " Environmental Food Crisis 2009 ”- How many people can be fed with the cereals allocated to animal feed? Answer is 3.5 billion people! Children in the developing world starve next to fields of food destined for export as animal feed, to support the meat-hungry cultures of the rich world.... The irony is that millions of consumers in the first world are dying from diseases of affluence such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and cancer, brought on by eating animal products. If animal farming were to stop and we were to use the land to grow grain to feed ourselves, we could feed every single person on this planet. Going vegan is a solution. Everybody can help! Be Vegan, Make Peace  

八月輕歌妙韻 Songs for your heart August

  music event_ Aug 2013