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惹味的台式叉燒撈麵 Delicious Noodle w/ Char Siew Formosa Style

  口感好又惹味的台式叉燒撈麵,Good tastetexture and delicious noodle w/ Char Siew Formosa Style
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吃動物蛋白質跟提早死亡有關 Animal Protein Linked to Early Death

  一項新研究分析了6381位五十歲以上的美國人後指出:吃動物蛋白質多的會提早死亡MeatTobacco1 吃最多量動物蛋白質的(每天總熱量20%來自蛋白質)會增加五倍跟糖尿病有關的死亡率。在十八年的跟進調查中,那些低於六十五歲而又吃最多量動物蛋白質的則增加七成四的總死亡率及四倍因癌症所引致的死亡率。若蛋白質是植物性的話,死亡危機不是減少就是消失了。 原文在此 Eating a diet high in animal protein leads to an earlier death, compared with people who consume less, according to a new study analyzing data from 6,381 American adults aged 50 and older. Participants who ate the most animal protein had a 5-fold increase risk of death related to diabetes. Those younger than 65 who ate the most animal protein had a 74 percent increase risk for death from any cause and a 4-fold increase in death related to cancer, during a follow-up of 18 years. Risks for death were diminished or absent when protein sources were plant-derived. Original article here