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青檸梳打 LimeSoda

夏日清涼飲品:青檸梳打   Cold drink for the hot summer: Lime Soda  


東南亞口味的南洋叻沙素扒 Laksa Vegan Steak (Malaysian/Singaporean style)

  開胃惹味的南洋叻沙素扒, Appetising and delicious Laksa vegan steak! Laksa3436_585

聯合國新報告:減一半肉類和奶製品的食用 – 就可大量減少農業溫室氣體排放! Halving meat and dairy consumption could slash farming emissions



Herd of cattle with calves near Doonbeg, County Clare

Cutting meat and dairy consumption in half would also lead to a 40% cut in Europeans’ intake of saturated fats. Photograph: Tim Graham/Getty Images

聯合國歐洲委員會的科學家還說,減去一半肉類和奶製品的食用,可以減少空氣和水污染,又減少四成食進的飽和脂肪。... 從動物而來的飽和性脂肪會造成膽固醇和肥胖問題。 若這樣減少一半食用的話,就可把血脂降至世界衛生組織所建議的範圍。... 這個<<餐桌上的氮>>報告闡述了消費者飲食習慣的改變如何影響畜牧業的氮排放。 只要減去一半肉類和奶製品的食用,就可減少農業溫室氣體25-40%的排放。... 一氧化二氮(nitrous oxide) 是最強溫室氣體之一,遠比二氧化碳強。從農業所排的氮還有其他環境的破壞,若加上汽車廢氣就造出對人體有害的氣體粒子,若排放到河流就會污染海洋及造成有毒藻類的快速增長。...   原文在此 Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture would be cut by 25-40% if Europeans cut their meat and dairy consumption by half, according to a UN report. Scientists from the UN Economic Commission for Europe say that as well as cutting air and water pollution, adopting a "demitarian diet" – cutting meat and dairy consumption in half – would lead to a 40% cut in Europeans' intake of saturated fats. The vast majority of saturated fats come from animal products that can lead to cholesterol problems and obesity, and such a cut would bring levels to within a range recommended by the World Health Organisation.... The report, Nitrogen on the Table, examined the impacts that changes in consumer food habits would have on nitrogen emissions from livestock. It said a 50% cut in meat and dairy intake would cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25-40% depending on what the freed-up land was used for. The amount of imported soybeans, mostly used to feed livestock, would fall by 75%. The taskforce concluded that the amount of nitrogen lost into the wider environment – into the air and into water – was 25 times higher per unit of food protein from beef than for cereals. Nitrous oxide is one of the most powerful greenhouse gases, far more potent than carbon dioxide. Nitrogen releases from agriculture have other negative environmental effects, mixing with emissions from cars to create tiny particulate pollution that is harmful to humans. When it runs off farmland into rivers it can end up in the sea and cause algal blooms. A dramatic reduction in meat and dairy farming – which would meet strong opposition from farming bodies in the UK – would also free up land either for growing cereals or biofuels, the UN team said. "The EU could become a major exporter of food products, instead of a major importer of, for example, soybeans," said Henk Westhoek, the report's lead author and programme manager at the Netherlands Environment Assessment Agency... original article here