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合桃杏仁素糕 Vegan Cupcake with Walnut and Almond

  請親臨品嚐這好味的合桃杏仁素糕! Please come and taste this most welcome and delicious Vegan Cupcake with Walnut and Almond!
vegan cupcake


國家地理雜誌:餵飽全世界(巴西畜牧業真相) National Geographic: Feeding 9 Billion




          "一提到對環境造成威脅的因素,浮現在我們腦海裡的往往是汽車、煙囪,而不會是晚餐。然而事實是: 人類對食物的需求才是危害地球的最大元凶之一農業是全球暖化最重要的肇因之一,它所排放的溫室氣體比汽車、卡車、火車和飛機全部加起來還多!"

人們對需求量增長驚人,目前肉類畜牧業排放的溫室效應氣體約佔巴西全國總排放量的50%,養牛業是導致亞馬遜森林被砍伐的首要原因。現代肉類生產帶來的環境污染和資源浪費令人震驚: " 今日全球作物的熱量只有55%為人類直接食用,其餘則拿來餵養牲口(大約36%),或變成生物燃料和工業產品(大約9%)。" "每餵給動物100卡路里的穀類飼料,我們只能從奶製品獲取大約40卡路里、蛋類22卡路里、雞肉12卡路里、豬肉10卡路里,或是牛肉3卡路里。" 國家地理雜誌中,刊登了多張巴西肉類工業的攝影圖片,給大家一窺巴西現在的工廠化農場的面目:(警告:相片可能有厭惡性,令人反胃  WARNING: Photos may be offending )
Brail deforestation

「農人剷除這片亞馬遜雨林以種植玉米,只有受到國家法律保護的巴西栗被保留下來。儘管減緩伐林速度的努力已有進展,在位於巴西北部的帕拉州,去年被砍伐的森林面積仍增加了37%,令人憂心。」PHOTOGRAPH BY GEORGE STEINMETZ

chicken farm

horrible pig farm

 hanging the cows

horrible animal farm

horrible chicken farm

horrible s house

stop eating animals to stop horror

" When we think about threats to the environment, we tend to picture cars and smokestacks, not dinner. But the truth is, our need for food poses one of the biggest dangers to the planet."

Agriculture is among the greatest contributors to global warming, emitting more greenhouse gases than all our cars, trucks, trains, and airplanes combined—largely from methane released by cattle and rice farms, nitrous oxide from fertilized fields, and carbon dioxide from the cutting of rain forests to grow crops or raise livestock. Farming is the thirstiest user of our precious water supplies and a major polluter, as runoff from fertilizers and manure disrupts fragile lakes, rivers, and coastal ecosystems across the globe. Agriculture also accelerates the loss of biodiversity. As we’ve cleared areas of grassland and forest for farms, we’ve lost crucial habitat, making agriculture a major driver of wildlife extinction... - The environmental challenges posed by agriculture are huge, and they’ll only become more pressing as we try to meet the growing need for food worldwide. We’ll likely have two billion more mouths to feed by mid-century—more than nine billion people. But sheer population growth isn’t the only reason we’ll need more food. The spread of prosperity across the world, especially in China and India, is driving an increased demand for meat, eggs, and dairy, boosting pressure to grow more corn and soybeans to feed more cattle, pigs, and chickens. If these trends continue, the double whammy of population growth and richer diets will require us to roughly double the amount of crops we grow by 2050... - For most of history, whenever we’ve needed to produce more food, we’ve simply cut down forests or plowed grasslands to make more farms. We’ve already cleared an area roughly the size of South America to grow crops. To raise livestock, we’ve taken over even more land, an area roughly the size of Africa. Agriculture’s footprint has caused the loss of whole ecosystems around the globe, including the prairies of North America and the Atlantic forest of Brazil, and tropical forests continue to be cleared at alarming rates. But we can no longer afford to increase food production through agricultural expansion. Trading tropical forest for farmland is one of the most destructive things we do to the environment, and it is rarely done to benefit the 850 million people in the world who are still hungry. Most of the land cleared for agriculture in the tropics does not contribute much to the world’s food security but is instead used to produce cattle, soybeans for livestock, timber, and palm oil. Avoiding further deforestation must be a top priority... 原文在此 及在此 Original article here

輕歌妙韻在愛家 Songs for Your Heart

  逢星期六、日,又美食,又有好歌聽,快樂在當下! Happy moments every Saturdays and Sundays with delicious foods as well as beautiful songs!
Delicious Food Beautiful Songs




Father day585


叻沙湯河 Laksa Noodle

香氣濃郁,美味可口的叻沙湯河! Rich, fragrant and delicious Laksa Noodle!


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