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16國家頂尖藝人藝術盛典: <<珍愛沉默的眼淚>> “Loving the Silent Tears” a collaboration of Top artists from 16 countries!


由奧斯卡獎、葛萊美獎、東尼獎和艾美獎獲獎作曲家創作,並由百老匯、流行樂壇巨星、頂尖國際歌手、一流舞者和交嚮樂團現場演出,化詩句為戲劇,人類藝術典範! An unprecedented Musical from top artists with Oscar awards, Grammy awards, Tony awards and Emmy awards, star-filled casts and vibrant choreography. A top artistic exemplary presentation from humanity!

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恭賀新禧! Happy Lunar New Year!

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鹹菜糊椒煮豆腐 Stewed Tofu w/ Pepper and preserved vegetable


湯底散寒開胃,增進食欲,再加香軟豆腐,咸酸輔之,時令好吃小菜!! Delicious seasonal entree: Soft tofu and pickled vegetable in a soup that increase your appetite and get rid of coldness!



好展覽:亞洲素食展 Good Event to go: Vegetarian Food Asia 2015


香濃冬蔭公! Fragrant and Rich Tom Yum!


香醇濃郁冬蔭公素鍋,本店熱賣之一,可少棘!One of our hot seller: Frgrant and Richly delicious Vegan Tom Yum Pot! ( can serve less spicy )