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精彩節目在愛家 *3月22日(星期日)下午 Wonderful event in Loving Hut Wanchai *March 22 (Sunday) afternoon

《 珍愛沈默的眼淚 Loving the Silent Tears 》音樂劇影片分享 國際頂尖藝術家連袂鉅獻       15座葛萊美獎4座奧斯卡金像獎3座東尼獎6座艾美獎    20位好萊塢、百老匯、流行樂壇巨星、頂尖國際歌手、45位一流舞者、21人交響樂團完美演出~ Loving the Silent Tears is a musical journey of the spirit that traverses the seas and continents in a timeless search for inner peace. An unprecedented musical experience, the show will combine the magic of theatre, the mystical beauty of traditional dances, the soul-stirring realm of poetry – and more. Travel the globe through 16 countries, represented by a dazzling array of ancient and modern music styles, songs sung in many languages, vibrant choreography across the cultures, and of course, a diverse star-filled cast.

看謝安琪代表華人與國際星級藝人一同演出震撼心靈音樂劇 Come watch Kay Tse representing the Chinese alongside World-class performers in a Touching Musical

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"珍愛沉默的眼淚"精彩片斷 Highlights from “Loving the Silent Tears”

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