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讓貓貓狗狗更健康、更漂亮罷!Let Cats and Dogs More Healthy and More Beautiful!

愈來愈多貓狗吃素了!更健康,皮膚毛色更漂亮!讓好消息快快傳出去吧! More and more cats and dogs are eating vegan! More Healthy, more shiny hair and beautiful skin! Let the good news spread out fast! * Benevo 來自英文字"Benevolent", 意思是"促進他人的福利和快樂"及"做好事" * Benevo comes from "Benevolent", meaning 'promoting the welfare and happiness of others' and 'to do good'. Benevo_leaflet_p1                                       Benevo_leaflet_p2

好味道純素披薩 Delicious Vegan Pizza


又香、又好味道的純素披薩!Delicious and fragrant Vegan pizza!

Vegan pizza

Vegan pizza