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Hong Kong Vegmart at Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre on 2 September Sat from 10am – 8 pm

健 康 飲 食 新 趨 勢 : 盧麗愛醫生心得分享

「珍愛沈默的眼淚」在香港放映報告 “Loving the Silent Tears” Screening Report from HONG KONG

讓我們回顧由世界頂尖藝術家與創作團隊連袂合作而成的「珍愛沈默的眼淚」2015年在香港放映的報告。 "Loving the Silent Tears" is a musical journey of the spirit that traverses the seas and continents in a timeless search for inner peace. Let us look back the screenings in Hong Kong in this report: 觀賞「珍愛沈默的眼淚」音樂劇,請看這裡: To watch "Loving the Silent Tears" Musical:                

清 海 日〜黃金13年10月25日〜 The Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, 25th October 2016

  ChingHaiDayW10月25日全球各地歡騰慶祝清海日。1993年,由美國夏威夷檀香山市可敬的法蘭克.花士(Frank F. Fasi)市長宣布了這個吉慶祥瑞的日子,以表彰清海無上師對世界和平的堅定擁護、對人類廣大無邊且毫不保留的聖愛及服務,與對世界各地的人道救援工作提供慷慨無私的經濟援助的偉大貢獻。 清海無上師對所有眾生的生命尊嚴及福址有著無邊無際、不可估量的奉獻,經由她深沉的打坐、令人開悟的教理及高貴典範,在地球上繼續建立持久和諧。清海無上師更藉由援助需要幫助的人,包括難民,弱勢者和動物朋友,以及鼓勵全人類回歸與生俱來的仁慈天性,採取純素飲食以阻止氣候變遷,進一步提昇我們的星球。 最親愛的清海無上師,全能的Tim Qo Tu–所有世界敬愛的上主,您是所有愛、寬恕和慈悲的初始源頭。我們以永恆無盡的感激之情,感謝您所做的一切及您為所有靈魂得到自由、解脫和安慰所做的無數犧牲。在令人驚嘆的奇妙宇宙裡的所有眾生,與我們一同慶祝這輝煌榮耀的一天,恭敬地祝褔您永遠和平、快樂、身體健康和喜悅無限! On October 25, The Supreme Master Ching Hai Day is joyfully celebrated around the globe. This auspicious day was proclaimed by the Honorable Frank F. Fasi, Mayor of Honolulu, Hawaii, USA in 1993 in recognition of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s unwavering advocacy for world peace, Her immense and unconditional love and service to humankind, and Her very generous contributions of financial support for humanitarian works worldwide. Supreme Master Ching Hai’s immeasurable devotion to the dignity and welfare of all beings and to establishing lasting harmony on Earth continues through Her profound meditation, Her enlightened teachings, and Her noble example. Supreme Master Ching Hai further uplifts our planet by assisting those in need, including refugees, disadvantaged individuals, and animal co-inhabitants, and by encouraging humankind to return to our innate, compassionate nature and halt climate change by adopting the vegan diet. Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, Almighty Tim Qo Tu, You are the origin of all Love, Mercy and Compassion. Our eternal gratitude for all that You do and the countless sacrifices You make to bring freedom, liberation and comfort to all souls. We respectfully wish You forever peace and happiness, excellent health, and tremendous joy as beings throughout our wondrous universe celebrate this glorious day!

Wishing All A Blissful Holiday Season And Peaceful Vegan 2016!


Season’s greetings and best wishes this Holiday Season!

Holiday-Banner_w We wish you a joyous holiday season and a happy vegan New Year! May these festive times bring an abundance of love, peace, comfort and happiness… and plenty of delicious plant-based food to share with cherished family and friends, both human and our animal co-inhabitants. Our deep gratitude to Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai for the best Christmas gift – spending Your precious time with us this year through the conferences and international gathering, and for being forever by our side, holding our hands along our spiritual journeys. No words could truly express our gratitude for all that You do, the Ever Compassionate Tim Qo Tu, all of the sacrifices You make to bring unconditional love, blessings, and enlightenment to our lives and to the lives of all beings throughout the Universe. To all the volunteers and organizations who have, and continue to assist those in their times of need, To all leaders and individuals who courageously speak out for the equality of all beings and the protection of the environment, To all kind readers, sitting at home, sharing positive thoughts and prayers for a peaceful world, To God, the Council of the Original Universe, and Heaven for Their guidance, seen and unseen, To Master Jesus Christ, whose blessed birth we celebrate on Christmas, and all the great masters of our time, for their immense love in humbly descending to Earth to share love, peace and joy with our world, Thank you for helping bring our planet and all her inhabitants into a brighter future. We wish 2016 and onwards to be filled with the light of love and inner peace! Happy Holidays!   Special Note: Please remember Master’s loving reminder to protect our precious environment and our beautiful trees. Please use a Christmas tree substitute instead of a real tree. Original article here              

清海無上師緊急忠告COP21世界領袖施行純素法去穩定氣候變化及挽救無數生命Supreme Master Ching Hai Urgently Advises COP21 World Leaders to Implement Vegan Law to Stabilize the Climate and Save Countless Lives


Supreme Master Ching Hai Urgently Advises COP21 World Leaders toMaster letter to COP21                

把愛付諸行動 – 協助難民 LOVE IN ACTION – assisting refugees



Master is always deeply concerned when disasters occur in any part of the world. Upon hearing news of such events, She immediately provides financial assistance and sends relief teams. Through such efforts, Her unconditional love and support are conveyed to those affected, thus reducing their suffering while helping them to rebuild their lives.
In recognition of the selfless actions of governments, organizations and relief workers around the globe, Master expresses Her gratitude as follows: “Thank you, all the international help that brings care and necessities to afflicted victims. Thank you all the relief workers for taking time and forsaking your own comfort, even traveling great distance on unfavorable roads and conditions to bring love and assistance to people in a time of need. May Heaven bless you abundantly for your generosity and noble sacrifice.”
福爾摩沙和英國救援隊(原文為英文)  為了響應師父愛的提示去幫助難民,來自比利時、台灣和英國的世界會會員組成一支救援隊,前往希臘萊斯博斯島,在需要的地方伸出援手,並為難民提供持續支持。到目前為止,在救援工作中,我們使用了師父EUR 91,373.98的資金去幫助難民。

協助抵達希臘萊斯博斯島難民 Assisting the Continuing Journeys of Refugees Arriving in Lesbos Island, Greece

~ 12月5日更新~ 協助抵達希臘萊斯博斯島難民的持續旅程,部分內容如下:
~ 在11月17-19日,救援隊在希臘萊斯博斯島購買了4000個睡袋、雨衣,襪子和兒童服裝分發給抵達的難民。這些都是因冬天將至而急需的保暖物品。在沒有帳蓬又沒有熱水器的情況下,睡袋是尤其需要的。
~ 約3200難民繼續每天到達希臘的萊斯博斯島,在莫尼亞營地,以及其他聚集點和接待場所,已經遠遠超過了他們的能力。 ~ 從難民口中聽取他們走難的故事,令人心碎不已。他們中許多人要步行20至30天才得到前來萊斯博斯島的船,然後不知未來是怎麼樣。…

~Updated Dec. 5~ Assisting the Continuing Journeys of Refugees Arriving in Lesbos Island, Greece

By Formosa and United Kingdom Relief Teams (Originally in English)
In response to Master’s loving reminder to assist the refugees, our Association members from Belgium, Formosa and the United Kingdom formed a relief team and traveled to the island of Lesbos, Greece, to lend a hand wherever needed and provide continued support for the refugees. Thus far in our relief efforts, we have used EUR 91,373.98 of Master’s funds to assist the refugees. November 15, 2015: On November 15, 2015, our relief team arrived on Lesbos where we visited three different refugee camps to assess the situation. About 3,000 refugees are coming to Lesbos daily and are transported to different camps by bus with the help of many NGOs. Our relief team is working with the NGOs to provide needed aid. November 16, 2015: On November 16, 2015, as we were driving near an area south of the island’s capital, Mytilene, a local man asked us to assist a full boat of approximately 60 refugees for landing. We drove down quickly and were able to help. The refugees were very happy to land safely and were pleased to see us. Later, we visited the transit camp in Mantamados and a camp organized by Mercy Corps in Sikamineas. Both places were very well organized. Next, we went to the northern tip of the island close to Turkey where many refugees arrive. After spotting four boats approaching the rocks, we worked with volunteers from the Youth With A Mission organization to help these boats land safely and assisted the refugees to climb up the cliff. All the refugees were very happy to arrive in a new land safely. On the way back, we attended a meeting with some of the volunteer groups and learned warm supplies will be needed for the coming winter and the refugees’ upcoming journey further north. Thus, we are currently planning the purchase of 4,000 sleeping bags and light raincoats for the refugees staying at Camp Moria, where they will be waiting for their paperwork to be processed. The remaining funds will be given to a local volunteer organization, which is responsible for receiving children, pregnant women and the most vulnerable refugees referred by doctors, to purchase a much needed van. November 17 – 19, 2015: On November 17-19, our relief team in Lesbos, Greece purchased 4,000 sleeping bags and raincoats, socks and children’s clothing to be distributed to the arriving refugees. These warming items are desperately needed as winter is approaching. Sleeping bags are especially in high demand because some refugees do not have tents or their tents do not have heaters installed. As approximately 3,200 refugees continue to arrive at the Greek island of Lesbos daily, the camp in Moria, as well as other assembly points and reception sites, have far exceeded their capacity. Therefore, on November 19, our relief team went to Camp Moria to help clean up the site and meet other NGO members. We collected many bags of rubbish together with other volunteers. Some refugees also joined us in cleaning. We were pleased to see the site was a lot cleaner and less crowded, with the arrival and help of more volunteers and the United Nations (UN) staff members. Speaking to some of the refugees, it was heartrending to hear stories of their journeys here. Many of them had to walk 20 to 30 days before getting in a boat for Lesbos, and are now being faced with an uncertain future. We also later visited the Village of All Together, an open shelter for refugees organized by Lesbos citizens, collectives and NGOs, located at a former tent-camp for kids, PIKPA. The site is now a camp for the most vulnerable among the refugees such as those who are pregnant, sick, and living with a disability. Every day, the camp provides meals for 1,000 to 2,000 people. They plan to set up a vegetarian restaurant in the busy area near the port, which will provide affordable food, and also employment opportunities for refugees. After asking what they needed, our relief team has decided to help them look for a much-needed van while we are on the island. We were interviewed by a German TV channel, and told them of the collective relief efforts here in Lesbos, and also the importance of adopting a vegan diet to protect all life on the planet. November 22 – 26, 2015: On November 22, our Greece relief team, formed by Association members from Belgium, Bulgaria, Formosa, Greece and the United Kingdom, revisited Camp Moria to deliver clothes, shoes, and other supplies and found many things had improved since our last visit. The overcrowding has been greatly reduced and the camp was very clean. We came in time to help set up a temporary storage space as the strong wind had blown over the big tent for supplies. On November 24, 5,000 refugees suddenly arrived on Lesbos. Therefore, we started buying supplies in order to distribute them at different locations. We drove up the north coast of the island at night where the refugees’ boats were constantly arriving, and helped 50 passengers from one boat to come ashore. Some of the women and children were scared and shaking. As most refugees have to go to Camp Moria to register, the next day on November 25, we loaded our car with supplies and went to this camp again to distribute the most urgently needed supplies for the new arrivals such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, backpacks and children’s hats and gloves. Within two days, over a hundred sets of children’s clothing, 6,000 pairs of socks and a few carloads of fruits, bread, water, sleeping bags, blankets, clothes and other daily necessities were distributed to newly arrived refugees, all with Heaven’s love. Medicine San Frontiers (MSF) (Doctors Without Borders) in Idomeni offered to let us use their warehouse and sent volunteers to help us as well. November 26 – December 1, 2015 On November 26, we completed three distributions of necessities at Camp Moria. Due to difficult weather, fewer boats arrived than on the previous night. So far Camp Moria is well-covered for now. Our order of sleeping bags will be arriving next Monday. PIKPA camp is giving us the use of their warehouse. Right now the island is looking calm again, but things can change suddenly. We never know when new boats will arrive. Let’s pray to God the refugees have a safe passage. On November 27, our relief team in Lesbos, Greece went to the port in the capital, Mytilene, where some refugees were waiting for a ferry to mainland Greece, and distributed fruits and Arabic versions of Alternative Living flyers. The area was clean and well-managed. We were pleased to hear that the police prepared an extra boat in case there was not enough room on the ferry for all the refugees. Another volunteer group was giving breakfast to the refugees. Many refugees read the flyers while waiting in a queue. A young man from Pakistan told us if it were not for God, he would have died five times already! Afterwards, we visited Kara Tepe, a transit camp near Mytilene, where we learned from a UN official that there were enough sleeping bags in stock for the winter. At Camp Moria, we were relieved to see that the Red Cross staff was handing out arrival packs containing warm clothing and blankets to the 500 newly arrived refugees, and that there were enough tents for them as well. The next couple of days, there were not many refugees arriving due to heavy rainfall. We went to Camp Moria to check out the situation. During the visits, we met Mr. Sotirios Petrakis, an island resident with a heart of gold. He has devoted a lot of time and effort to help the refugees since the beginning, and he kept reminding people that it is a lesson of love for the whole world. He happily received a copy of Master’s The Key of Immediate Enlightenment Sample Booklet. On November 30, we went to PIKPA camp to wait for the delivery of the sleeping bags we ordered. We brought some biscuits and candy, to the delight of the children. We gave a copy of Master’s The Key of Immediate Enlightenment Sample Booklet and From Crisis to Peace – The Organic Vegan Way Is the Answer to the camp’s financial administrator. He is also running a school called Second Chance, teaching languages to adults. We met a volunteer psychologist named Lafy from Jerusalem, who encourages refugees’ children to express their feelings, experiences and what they want to achieve in the future. Within an hour after we received the sleeping bags, we delivered 200 to Camp Moria where they were urgently needed for the arrival of new refugees. The conditions in the camp have improved. At the new children’s art place at the camp, we became friends with Shah, an Iranian volunteer from London who enjoys working with the children, and also works as a translator in the camp. We also plan to send 3,000 sleeping bags to Idomeni, where thousands of refugees wait at the border between Greece and Macedonia, and we will join the Austria relief team to distribute them. On December 1, back at the port of Mytilene, the weather was getting cold as night fell, and more and more refugees were gathered to wait for the ferry. We attempted to lighten the mood by sharing pieces of chocolate with everyone. They were surprised and started to smile upon receiving the unexpected treat.

Expenditures Thus Far for The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association for Refugee Relief Work in Lesbos, Greece


Amount (EUR)


4000 Sleeping bags and 4000 raincoats



Food, water, daily necessities, clothing items, cleaning supplies and car rental for the refugees; flyer printing fee



Transportation, lodging, phone, food and miscellaneous expenses for the relief team




EUR 91,373.98 (US$97,717)*

原文在此 Original article here

行走在愛的道路上 – 清海日 Walk The Way of Love – Ching Hai Day

  SMCH-w            清海無上師,在曾有幸與她相遇或共事的人的眼中,是一位身體力行的「愛」的化身! 清海無上師是一位知名的慈善家、藝術家和靈性導師。她的愛心和奉獻已經超越了文化 與種族的藩籬,嘉惠世界各地數以百萬計的人們,其中包括窮困的人、無家可歸的人、研究愛滋病與癌症的醫學機構、美國退伍軍人、困苦的老人、身心殘障者、難 民、以及遭受地震、洪水和火災等天然災害的受難者。 經由這些無以計數的善舉,我們見證了「慈悲」正是這位深具愛心的女士的標誌。而她的「世界會」也依循著她的愛的典範成長茁壯。 清海無上師曾說:「我們能分享什麼就開始分享,然後我們可以感受到內在的微細變化,我們的意識裡會注入更多的愛力,這就是一個起步。我們來到這裏是為了學習成長,也為了學習使用我們無限的愛力和創造力,來使我們所處的任何世界變得更好!」 清海無上師出生於悠樂中部。小時候,她就總是盡其所能地幫助醫院裏的病人和窮困的 人。畢竟,由於她自幼對靈性的熱烈追求,她不斷地奉獻自己在各方面侍奉上帝。長大後,她到歐洲留學,並擔任義務護理人員,以及為紅十字會翻譯。很快地,清 海無上師便發現,痛苦存在於所有文化和世界的每個角落。因此,找尋解除這些苦難的方法,遂成為她生活中最重要的目標。 清海無上師曾與一位德國醫生結婚,過著幸福美滿的婚姻生活。儘管「分離」對他們來說,是個極為困難的抉擇,然而她的先生還是同意了分離。隨後,清海無上師便展開了靈性追尋之旅。 最後,她在印度喜馬拉雅山的深山裡找到了一位開悟的明師,傳給她「觀音法門」—一種觀內在光和音的打坐法門。經過一段時間的精進修行之後,她就達到完全證悟的境界。 在她離開喜馬拉雅山後不久,由於一些人的懇求,清海師父於是將「觀音法門」傳給他 們,鼓勵他們向內找尋自己偉大的品質。社會各階層的人士都發現,經由修行「觀音法門」,他們在生活中更滿足、更快樂和平靜。隨後不久,美國、歐洲、亞洲、 南美洲以及聯合國,均邀請清海師父蒞臨演講。 清海師父除了本身是一位善行義舉的典範,她也鼓勵大家美化我們所居住的世界。從修 行觀音法門,清海無上師發展了多樣自然天成的才華。她從繪畫、藝術創作、音樂、詩作、珠寶和服裝設計,呈現出各種文化以及她所遇到的人的內在與外在美。一 九九五年,由於大眾的請求,她的服裝設計因而在國際各流行重鎮巡迴展出,其中包括倫敦、巴黎、米蘭和紐約等地。清海師父用這些藝術創作的收入從事慈善工 作,從這裡我們可以見到她對所有上帝的小孩的愛,以及我們對其他較不幸的兄弟姊妹的責任。 雖然清海無上師不求任何的認可,然而世界各國政府官方和私人組織為了表揚她的無我奉獻,頒發給她許多獎項,包括:「世界和平獎」、「世界精神領袖獎」、「世界公民人道獎」以及服務大眾傑出人士和提昇人權方面的獎章。 前夏威夷檀香山市長花士先生說道:「她以愛心消除世上的仇恨,她為絕望的人帶來希望,她化誤解成為理解,她是偉人之芒光,她是全人類的慈悲天使。」 清海無上師是當代致力幫助人們發現和創造我們美好未來的人士之一。如同許多歷史上 的偉人一樣,清海無上師也有個夢想,她說:「我夢想全世界和平,我夢想世界不再有殺生,小孩子們可以過著和諧安樂的生活。我夢想國際間彼此握手言和、互相 保護、互相幫助。我夢想這個幾千百萬億年愛心造就的美麗的星球不會被摧毀,我夢想它將會在和平、美麗與愛中延續下去。」 原文在此

The Supreme Master Ching Hai Day ~October 25, Golden Year 12 (2015)~

Honoring our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai’s limitless, unconditional love and service for humankind and a peaceful world for all beings.

In 1993, the Honorable Frank F. Fasi of the City and County of Honolulu, Hawaii, USA declared October 25 as The Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, commemorating Supreme Master Ching Hai’s tireless efforts towards peace and harmony in the world, and Her immense humanitarian aid around the globe. With unconditional love and care, Supreme Master Ching Hai continually offers significant contributions to the less fortunate and to help humans and animal friends in times of emergency, especially during this critical time of our planet. A shining beacon of boundless love and wisdom, She brings comfort and guidance to all of our planet’s inhabitants, ushering in a blissful future and a Heavenly Earth. Our Most Compassionate Supreme Master Ching Hai, Beloved Tim Qo Tu, we respectfully send our heartfelt gratitude and deepest love, wishing You the best of health and joy as beings across the Universe celebrate this auspicious day. May all Your dreams come true! Py-O-Tu! Original page here      

靈性揚升音樂劇放映會在愛家灣仔店 Soul uplifting Musical DVD screening in Loving Hut Wanchai

請在這星期日來愛家灣仔店觀看「珍愛沈默的眼淚」音樂劇放映會   Please reserve this Sunday for the wonderful screening of “Loving the Silent Tears" in Loving Hut Wanchai

Celebrity Richie Kul share his interest in the DVD screening of "Loving the Silent Tears"

Celebrity Richie Kul share his interest in the DVD screening of "Loving the Silent Tears"

From investment banker, finance director to well known vegan  international model and animal welfare activist, Richie Kul share his interest in the DVD screening of "Loving the Silent Tears" with you! 7月19日 (星期日) July 19, Sunday, 下午 3:00 – 6:00 pm
  • 愛家國際餐飲灣仔店 Loving Hut Wanchai
    • 地址:灣仔道 93-99 號聯泰大廈二樓  (灣仔地鐵站 A3 出口 )
    • 2/F, Luen Tai Bldg., 93-99 Wanchai Road, Wanchai   (MTR Wanchai station Exit A3)
    • (免費入場 / 茶點 及 紀念品 先到先得 送完即止)
    • Watch the wonderful Trailer

美女+營養學專家攜手打造時尚健康節目—《吃貨の覺醒》! Beautiful girls and Nutritional Specialist make Trendy Health Talks



Vegan girls_w3雙胞胎美女說

我們做美食節目,對於吃貨來說那是一份讓人嚮往的工作,我們吃遍海陸空各種美味,可是經過了一段時間,我們卻發現身體狀況有了悄悄的變化。生理機能失調,接踵而來的生活就是醫院、藥物,以及各種據說能治好病的偏方。天天對著鏡子裡蠟黃、佈滿痘痘與坑洞的臉蛋。身體很容易感到乏力,提不起勁兒,無精打采,也變得懶惰。 後來在一次工作中,在香港遇到了一位營養學專家,他很溫和地對我們說:“你們有想過'吃飯'(素食)就可以改變這一切嗎?”在我們聽來就像是玩笑,但那時我們沒有更好的選擇了,於是帶著好奇心吃了半年素後,發現身體發生了翻天覆地的變化。 在素食的生活裡,我們失去了啃雞腿、咬排骨的快樂,但素食並不是我們想像中那樣僅僅是一盤青菜加一碗白米飯。它一樣可以滿足吃貨的所有要求。以前化濃妝,用海量的化學原料往臉上抹,一周7張面膜,素食後不用化妝品、面膜,皮膚卻比以前光滑白皙,皮膚水水的(如果有機會真的想讓你們摸一摸)。堆積在臉上的化學品突然消失,素顏出門再也不是個問題。作為女生的你懂的! 隨之而來,它不單只變得美麗,而且讓我們身體發生了翻天覆地的變化,過去的十幾年裡讓我們每月必吃兩顆止痛藥,還要痛得死去活來無法正常工作生活的月經期已經消失不見,素食後我們再也沒有經歷痛經的感覺,沒錯,就這麼神奇! 後來我們認識了更多吃素的朋友,才發現它還能治好慢性病等等數不清的案例。我們再次認識到素食不等於一盤青菜加一碗白米飯,它真的可以滿足吃貨的所有要求,而且它擁有著無法想像的功能! 原文在此