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恭賀新禧!Happy Lunar New Year !

好消息!無上師電視台將於十月三日重新開播!Good news! Supreme Master TV is back on October 3rd!


Welcome back Supreme Master TV, with various constructive programmes to make peace in our world!

Supreme Master TV

Hong Kong Vegmart at Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre on 2 September Sat from 10am – 8 pm

Raw Vegan Mooncake Class

Vegan dessert Tutor Miss Jennifer Lai will teach you making raw vegan mooncakes: dairy free and egg free, low sugar, delicious and healthy raw green tea and beet root mooncakes on 27 August. All ingredients are vegan!!! You are welcome to join us!

健 康 飲 食 新 趨 勢 : 盧麗愛醫生心得分享


好消息!愛家九展店開始試業了!Good news! Loving Hut Kitec has start soft opening!

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恭賀新禧!Happy Lunar New Year!

Lunar New YearW

祝聖誕及新年快樂 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

祝聖誕及新年快樂  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


「珍愛沈默的眼淚」在香港放映報告 “Loving the Silent Tears” Screening Report from HONG KONG

讓我們回顧由世界頂尖藝術家與創作團隊連袂合作而成的「珍愛沈默的眼淚」2015年在香港放映的報告。 "Loving the Silent Tears" is a musical journey of the spirit that traverses the seas and continents in a timeless search for inner peace. Let us look back the screenings in Hong Kong in this report: 觀賞「珍愛沈默的眼淚」音樂劇,請看這裡: To watch "Loving the Silent Tears" Musical: