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Porridge with carrot, sweet corn and black fungus

porridge with carrot, sweet corn and black fungus

Chef fry rice

Chef fry rice

Udon Carbonara, an Italian dish

台式叉燒撈麵 Cha Siew Lo Mien (seasoned noodle) Formosa style

香韌好味的台式叉燒撈麵! Fragrant Chewy and Delicious Cha Siew Lo Mien (seasoned noodle) Formosa style!
Cha siew noodlew


好好吃的乾炒素片河 Very Delicious Dried Fried flat Rice Noodle

  純素經典粵菜,本店熱賣之一,美味好吃有鑊氣又不油膩! Vegan Classic Southern Chinese dish! Often our hot sell, Very delicious and not oily!



一吃難忘的三絲炒拉麵 ! So Tasteful Fried Ramen !

常常見到一些新客人指著她/他走過看到,問這是什麼餐:就是這香口好味的三絲炒拉麵 ! Very often a new customer point and ask what she/he just saw: this fragrant and delicious Fried Ramen!



惹味的 XO 醬炒飯 Delicious XO sauce Fried Rice

  香氣撲鼻,濃烈味道又不太棘(喜好的可叫加棘);不油膩的炒飯,配上清脆菜絲,令人食後意猶未盡! Fragrant smell, richly spicy but not too hot (can add spicy for those who like hot), not oily and together with crispy vegetable! Just want more and more!
XO fried rice3178Rc

好味道XO 醬炒飯

XO 醬炒飯加素荷包

XO 醬炒飯加素荷包

令人回味無盡的叉燒炒米 Charming Fried Vermicelli with BBQ soya (Cha Siew)

小編今天午餐,色香味俱全,Yummy!      Lunch today for this editor, full of color, fragrance and rich taste! Yummy!



叻沙湯河 Laksa Noodle

香氣濃郁,美味可口的叻沙湯河! Rich, fragrant and delicious Laksa Noodle!


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惹味的台式叉燒撈麵 Delicious Noodle w/ Char Siew Formosa Style

  口感好又惹味的台式叉燒撈麵,Good tastetexture and delicious noodle w/ Char Siew Formosa Style
Cha siew noodle3140B585