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好消息!素食盆菜在愛家!Good news! Vegan Chinese Casserole in Loving Hut

歡迎訂購健康好味道純素盆菜 (九展店及灣仔店),請致電 Simon: 53716887 或 Christine: 97318925

Welcome to order the Healthy and delicious vegan Chinese casserole ( KITEC and Wanchai outlets ) Please phone Simon: 53716887 or Christine: 97318925

好消息!無上師電視台將於十月三日重新開播!Good news! Supreme Master TV is back on October 3rd!


Welcome back Supreme Master TV, with various constructive programmes to make peace in our world!

Supreme Master TV

健 康 飲 食 新 趨 勢 : 盧麗愛醫生心得分享


純素食餐館快速增加,灣仔愛家獲選八月最佳餐館!Vegan restaurants explode across HK, Loving Hut Wanchai awarded Best Restaurant of the month Award!


Best Restaurant of the Month Award

Loving Hut Wanchai_Best Restaurant of the Month Award August 2016

香港在2016年內平均每個月都有家新餐廳,列入純素餐飲類別,令過去12個月,純素餐飲數目在香港翻了一倍,讓我娓娓道來... In 2016 Hong Kong has averaged more than one addition per month to its all vegan restaurant list. Over the last 12 months the number of all vegan eateries in HK has doubled. Here’s the deal.... 原文在此, Original Articles here: Best Restaurant of the Month Award_August 2016, 2016: Vegan restaurants explode across Hong Kong’s dining scene

西蘭花黑椒排 Vegan steak with broccoli in Black Pepper Sauce

入口鬆脆,素扒質軟滋味,配上香濃黑椒汁,非常好味道! Crispy and Tasteful Vegan Steak with Fragrant strong Black pepper sauce!

Black pepper vegan steak                   Black pepper vegan steak 2

香港素食嘉年華 Hong Kong Vegfest 2016

  HK vegfest          




素食嘉年華舉行地點位於清水灣道1111號三育書院。 香港素食嘉年華籌委會由全香港多個主要素食團體合作籌劃,​​共同向全港市民推動素食生活,響應環保、低碳飲食文化。同時,國外多個團體也將受邀參與,藉此成立一個世界性的VEGFEST平台,互相交流各國素食資訊。 嘉年華活動預計將囊括多個非牟利與環保團體的展覽攤位,包括健康生活、人道與生態教育資訊展覽、各國食品與寵物食品、生機飲食學院與餐廳素食等;另外,更包括著名素食人士及專業中西醫演講,健康測試檢查;素食烹飪示範與工作坊;兒童遊戲活動,現場音樂與歌手表演等精彩活動。歡迎關注自身健康、地球環境、以及環境生態平衡的人士免費入場。


公眾入場不設車輛泊位,入場人士請儘量選搭交通工具。 巴士 當日, 九龍巴士公司將特別增加 91 號巴士線班次。由鑽石山地鐵站(C 出口) 總站開出前往清水灣道。疏導往返乘客 小巴 小巴 16 號路線由寶林地鐵站開出 小巴 103M 號路線由將軍澳地鐵站(A 出口)開出 小巴 103 號路線由觀塘地鐵站(D4 出口)開出 at Kwun Tong MTR Exit D4 的士 的士由將軍澳,坑口或寶林地鐵站前往會場 (約 20 分鐘車程) 車費約 40-50 左右. 當日大會特別安排旅遊巴於上午11時至下午6時,在將軍澳港鐵站附近(寶邑路)免費接載市民前往或離開會場。約15分鐘一班,每班只載60人


The festival will include exhibits from healthy living and eco-friendly entities, non-profits organizations, speakers and presentations, fun and games for kids, vegan pet food, vegan food and healthcare products, raw vegan culinary institute, restaurant booths; environmental and humane education, movies screening, live music and entertainment. Hong Kong Vegfest welcomes all who want to learn more about protecting our health, the planet, and its inhabitants. You can promote your business or group to thousands of people who want to learn more about veganism and the many products and services that support a veg-friendly and eco-friendly way of life.

Transportation during Vegfest

Using Public Transportation will be strongly encouraged. Please note: Due to limited parking space, we will not be able to provide parking to guests. By Bus To support the Vegfest event, Kowloon Motor Bus Company will enhance the bus service of Route 91 significantly. HK$7.4 http://vegfest.hk/english/bus-91.php By Minibus Minibus#16 at Po Lam MTR Station Minibus#103M at Tseung Kwan O MTR Exit A Minibus#103 at Kwun Tong MTR Exit D4 By Taxi From MTR stations of Tseung Kwun O, Hang Hou or Po Lam, by taxi to the venue (about 20 minutes) cost about 40-50. Ask the driver to take you to Hong Kong Adventist Academy on Clear Water Bay Road (Chinese Pronounced "Sam Yuk") Every 15 minutes, from Tseung Kwan O to and from the venue during the Vegfest from 11am until 6pm, each bus can carry maximum 60 passengers. (pick up point:Po Yap Road, outside MTR Tseung Kwan O Station) Link

恭祝中秋節快樂! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


UN expert calls for tax on meat production 聯合國專家呼籲加稅於肉類之製造

People could be deterred from eating meat by increasing its price further up the supply chain, stemming rise in consumption and environmental damage.
Meat is horrible! “This report shows our current food system has to change because it’s not sustainable,” “The time is coming when we will not be able to sweep it any more under the carpet.” “Once they provide better alternatives, not just in meat alternatives, but in menus, they would reduce meat consumption in western societies,”


WATER CONSUMPTIONw                                        


Medical expensew                                   原來在此 Original articles here: UN expert calls for tax on meat production Meat is horrible

XO 醬四季豆 Sauteen French Bean w/ XO Sauce

  好味道XO 醬四季豆,香棘鮮甜爽口!  Delicious Sauteen French Bean w/ XO Sauce, Fragrant, Spicy, Refreshing and Sharp Tasty!
XO 醬四季豆

XO 醬四季豆