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台式叉燒撈麵 Cha Siew Lo Mien (seasoned noodle) Formosa style

香韌好味的台式叉燒撈麵! Fragrant Chewy and Delicious Cha Siew Lo Mien (seasoned noodle) Formosa style!
Cha siew noodlew


一吃難忘的三絲炒拉麵 ! So Tasteful Fried Ramen !

常常見到一些新客人指著她/他走過看到,問這是什麼餐:就是這香口好味的三絲炒拉麵 ! Very often a new customer point and ask what she/he just saw: this fragrant and delicious Fried Ramen!



惹味的台式叉燒撈麵 Delicious Noodle w/ Char Siew Formosa Style

  口感好又惹味的台式叉燒撈麵,Good tastetexture and delicious noodle w/ Char Siew Formosa Style
Cha siew noodle3140B585


叉燒撈麵 BBQ soy protein with noodle

  香氣惹人、好味的叉燒撈麵  BBQ soy protein with noodle smell and taste so good!


台式紅燒湯麵 Taiwanese Spicy Soup Noodle

  很多人都喜歡的濃味湯麵 Special Taiwanese ginger hot soup noodle red noodleW2

秘製炸醬麵 Noodle w/Soybean paste

Special homemade sauce!   Tw_noodle

XO醬炒拉麵 Fried Ramen with XO sauce

Yummy fried noodle! ramen