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√ 好吃核桃片 √ Wonderful Walnut Biscuit √

  美味脆好吃的核桃片,又補腦!   Wonderful crispy and delicious Walnut biscuit, also good supplement for the brain!




手工朱古力杏仁餅 Home made Chocolate Almond Biscuit

  濃郁香脆的朱古力杏仁餅,令人吃不釋口! Rich, Fragrant and Crispy Chocolate Almond Biscuit, can't stop eating! 朱古力杏仁餅1548W                     朱古力杏仁餅5925  

合桃杏仁素糕 Vegan Cupcake with Walnut and Almond

  請親臨品嚐這好味的合桃杏仁素糕! Please come and taste this most welcome and delicious Vegan Cupcake with Walnut and Almond!
vegan cupcake


好消息:星期六及日均有歌聽! Good news: Songs on both Saturdays and Sundays!

  徇眾要求,星期六及日均有輕歌妙韻,好享受!As requested, songs are now on both Saturdays and Sundays, Enjoy! music event for Nov 2013

十一月好歌在愛家 Song schedule November

好歌陪伴,美味素食,人間天堂!With company of good songs, delicious vegan food, Heaven on Earth! music event for Nov 2013

十月份輕歌妙韻 Songs for Your Heart in October

  聽歌好去處!   A Good Place to listen to Goodies! music event for Oct 2013

美麗素糕!Beautiful Vegan cake!

再來一個美麗素糕! Another Beautiful Vegan cake!   fruit cake

時尚布朗尼 Fashionable Brownie !

  潮氣甜點布朗尼!Brownie is here! brownie

五月份活動 Activities in May

      activity schedule May_W

四月活動 April Activities

  更多的浪漫,更多的樂趣! activity April