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節日好去處:聖誕妙韻樂愛家 Live Christmas Carols at Loving Hut Wanchai


Merry Christmas!

Christmas carol event 2014aw

輕歌妙韻在愛家 Songs for Your Heart

  逢星期六、日,又美食,又有好歌聽,快樂在當下! Happy moments every Saturdays and Sundays with delicious foods as well as beautiful songs!
Delicious Food Beautiful Songs


好消息:星期六及日均有歌聽! Good news: Songs on both Saturdays and Sundays!

  徇眾要求,星期六及日均有輕歌妙韻,好享受!As requested, songs are now on both Saturdays and Sundays, Enjoy! music event for Nov 2013

十一月好歌在愛家 Song schedule November

好歌陪伴,美味素食,人間天堂!With company of good songs, delicious vegan food, Heaven on Earth! music event for Nov 2013

十月份輕歌妙韻 Songs for Your Heart in October

  聽歌好去處!   A Good Place to listen to Goodies! music event for Oct 2013

九月輕歌妙韻 Musical event for September

    music event for Sep 2013

八月輕歌妙韻 Songs for your heart August

  music event_ Aug 2013

七月好節目 July activities not to be missed

  輕歌妙韻樂愛家, Songs for your heart! music event_July 2013

六月份活動 ,營養新資訊 Activities in June, Updated info on Nutrition

  夏日好節目,又有最新營養資訊!Good activities for Summer with updated info on nutrition! activity schedule June

浪漫下午茶 Romantic afternoon

    Romantic afternoon2