Wishing All A Blissful Holiday Season And Peaceful Vegan 2016!


Season’s greetings and best wishes this Holiday Season!

Holiday-Banner_w We wish you a joyous holiday season and a happy vegan New Year! May these festive times bring an abundance of love, peace, comfort and happiness… and plenty of delicious plant-based food to share with cherished family and friends, both human and our animal co-inhabitants. Our deep gratitude to Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai for the best Christmas gift – spending Your precious time with us this year through the conferences and international gathering, and for being forever by our side, holding our hands along our spiritual journeys. No words could truly express our gratitude for all that You do, the Ever Compassionate Tim Qo Tu, all of the sacrifices You make to bring unconditional love, blessings, and enlightenment to our lives and to the lives of all beings throughout the Universe. To all the volunteers and organizations who have, and continue to assist those in their times of need, To all leaders and individuals who courageously speak out for the equality of all beings and the protection of the environment, To all kind readers, sitting at home, sharing positive thoughts and prayers for a peaceful world, To God, the Council of the Original Universe, and Heaven for Their guidance, seen and unseen, To Master Jesus Christ, whose blessed birth we celebrate on Christmas, and all the great masters of our time, for their immense love in humbly descending to Earth to share love, peace and joy with our world, Thank you for helping bring our planet and all her inhabitants into a brighter future. We wish 2016 and onwards to be filled with the light of love and inner peace! Happy Holidays!   Special Note: Please remember Master’s loving reminder to protect our precious environment and our beautiful trees. Please use a Christmas tree substitute instead of a real tree. Original article here